Serafí news
16/06/2017 Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària receives an award for its fast international business development from the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa. Our products with high added value, our creativity and our technological capacity has enabled us to open new international markets with a very rapid and high growth. Direct link to the presentation video
26/04/2017 The TVE program “Tinc una idea” chooses Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària as an example for its documentary “Five senses to sell” Direct link to the show
03/04/2016 The TV3 news chose Serafí as an example of “How the companies of the graphic arts sector have adapted during the economic crisis?” . Direct link to the show
23/05/2015 The 8tv show ÈXIT, broadcasted a Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària report. Direct link to the show Full report
19/06/2011 Serafí indústria gràfica was awarded with the Cambra’s Best Commercial and Service Initiative Award Award Gratefulness speech