Jaume Gàzquez Jaume GàzquezManaging Director
Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària
Today it is essential to have the most advanced technology in order to meet the demands of the market. And that is what we have. We have even developed our own printing system to enable us to print using surfaces and colours with which until not long ago it was impossible to achieve satisfactory results. It also allows us to do so at a very low cost. But our chief asset is not the machines, but the people. People who know what they are doing – we supplement our know-how, our more than forty years' experience, with a continuous training programme – and who love what they do, who give it their all so that each job turns out exceptional.
Serafí departments
- Managing Director
- Sales Manager

Technical Office
- Sales Department
- Estimates
- Planning
- Research and development
- ISO Certification

- Layout
- Final art
- Proofreading
- Design
- Certified colour tests
- PDF verification
Press / Post-press
- Offset printing
- Digital printing
- Finishes and assembly
- Quality control

- Packing
- Sending samples to the customer
- Storage
- Distribution

- Cost control
- Invoicing
- Customer management
- Human resources
- Occupational safety