Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària
Throughout the course of its activities, Serafí Indústria Gràfica has always adapted to the new demands of the market and technological advances. For over almost half a century we have regularly attended the industry's international trade fairs in order to move along with the latest trends in print communication, and have periodically updated our printing machine stock as well as moving premises and bolstering our facilities on more than one occasion. What's more, we have always kept alive our passion for high quality work and for a personalised service to each customer and each job. These are the main features of our work.
Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària
Serafí Gázquez Mañas, the current chairman of the company, starts the firm. The Publicitària Serafí shop is located in Sant Marià Street, Terrassa. During this period, work is done using lead movable type.
The first offset printing machine is purchased, a Heidelberg GTO 46.
The company obtains the first Compugraphic composition computer.
The company moves to a location in Josep Trueta Street in order to have more space, 800 m2, and better working conditions, with a loading bay and natural light.
The first Apple Macintosh FX computer is purchased. After years of continuous growth, the company becomes a public limited company and is renamed Serafí Indústria Gràfica Publicitària, S.A.
The second generation of the Gázquez family takes up the reins. Jaume, Serafí and Maite Gázquez Moya, children of the firm's founder, take on executive and management positions.
Serafí Indústria Gràfica is one of the first companies in the country to use CTP (computer to plate) technology, creating plates directly from originals without the need for photolithographs.
A Heidelberg SM 74-4 offset machine is purchased. It has an integrated CIP-3 system, making it possible to integrate the pre-print and print processes, reducing production time and standardizing the quality of the product.
A Heidelberg SM 52-4 offset printer with extended delivery and infra-red quick-drying is added.
The assembly and finishing processes are integrated into the computer management system. This increases productivity even more.
Gremi d’Indústries Gràfiques de Catalunya Award for the Danone "Los originales del original" display box.
Addition of a second generation of automated CTP, with 24-hour/day production capacity.
Gremi d’Indústries Gràfiques de Catalunya Award for the special finish work on the oversized Panamá Torre Planetarium book.
2nd prize in the services category of the Innova Awards for El misterio de las miradas del Thyssen from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Pelikan.
The company moves to a 2100 m2 facility in the Colom II Industrial Estate. 1650 metres are dedicated to production and 450 to offices.
Addition of a new Heidelberg machine for producing high quality products and printing on any kind of medium.
We develop the new Cool·Print® system, which makes it possible to work with materials and colours previously unavailable for printing, as well as creating all manner of textures and incorporating scents into the printed medium.
Serafí indústria gràfica publicitària